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“I have been a karate practitioner for almost thirty years and I’ve never looked back since I wore my first handmade karate-gi from Hirota. In every way there is nothing that quite matches a Hirota suit.”   – Elena Floris, Founder, Ichiban International

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Hirota is a family owned business which was established 20 years ago. This company is devoted to providing the very best and finest quality karate suits and belts, applying the latest technology to improve designs.

If there is one word that best describes Hirota, that word is passion. Passion for the art but also a passion to be the best. That’s why Hirota has become an innovator, developing the now famous Hirota Pinack fabric.

All Hirota suits are hand made, including the stitching of labels and names in Japanese characters. There is a staggering, almost obsessive attention to detail. This means you may have to wait a few weeks for your new suit, but that wait is well worth while. You will see and feel the difference from the moment you unpack your order.

As Ichiban founder Elena Floris says, “I still get excited with every new batch of suits that come through. It’s just so gratifying to see the time and care the Hirota team take in meeting the needs of our customers.”

Don't settle for second best. Look good, feel good with Hirota.

Hirota is proud to be recognised by all the Japanese National team as well as the top athletes from the greatest Karate organisations and associations in the world.

"Hirota is an excellent brand. Made to measure Pinack is my choice. Customised fitting allows excellent movement when teaching and training. Light for when travelling!"
Yasuyuki Aragane - 8th Dan Shotokan Karate, Tokyo, Japan



Hirota materials - WKF approved!

Hirota materials are worn by world renowned karate instructors as well as national teams in Japan and around the world. Kata world champions: Antonio Diaz, Rika Usami, the WKF, and JKA national teams in Japan are wearing Hirota.
Hirota is constantly studying how to improve the materials, for comfort, durability, practicality and looks, to be the perfect suit for serious karate practitioners.
Hirota is now making a new Slim fit with high waist design for Pinack Kumite and Tsubasa Kumite which is very popular in Japan. See chart sizes for normal and slim fit design before you order.



To find out more about Hirota branded karate clothing contact Ichiban International.

Size guide

Ichiban International size chart

Please stretch out flat before measuring

JacketTrousersHigh waist trousers


All sizes are in centimeters

Assuming you order the correct size the arm sleeve length will fall one third up between the wrist and the elbow. The leg length will be just above the ankle. 

If you like wearing a shorter sleeve and shorter trousers Ichiban recommend you order a part made to measure suit (giving exact dimensions of sleeves and legs). The sizes go according to the person’s height. Every person comes in different shapes and sizes, therefore Ichiban has created the above chart to assist you in choosing the correct size.  Please note that this is only a guideline. Diamensions may vary slightly from one batch to another. Please e-mail Ichiban if you need further assistance.


Belt length


When the belt is made up, lift both ends and ensure that they do not pass your chin.
This is to prevent it from slapping your face when kicking.

To assist you could apply the following formula:

for the Regular belt (4cm width) :
• (Waist in cm) x 2 + 110 to 120 cm (depending on if you want a standard length belt or long hanging belt. This can in turn be dependent on the amount of embroidery.)

for the Wide belt (4.5cm width):
• (waist in cm) x 2 + 120 to 130cm (depending on if you want a standard length belt or long hanging belt. This can in turn be dependent on the amount of embroidery.)